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4 Top Travel Trends for 2022

As we start the new year, many of us are ready to get out of the house. That’s no surprise, but how we go about it is different now. Here are 4 key trends I see in the travel world:

Clocking Out

As lockdown restrictions forced many of us to pack up our belongings and set up offices and workstations at home, finding a work/life balance during the pandemic has been huge concern. And while ‘workcations’ became a popular travel trend during the health crisis, with many people swapping the 9-to-5 office job for a month abroad with their laptop, this year is predicted to look a lot different. polled 24,055 travelers across 31 countries and found out that 49% of participants claimed to have worked more hours and used less annual leave during the pandemic. The same survey said 73% of travelers said vacations will be strictly ‘work-free’ in the future.

Prioritizing Wellness

Just as the pandemic travel tides seemed to be shifting back to city escapes over national parks this past fall, many travel companies and hotel brands alike have reported a shift back to nature-centric experiences, from the Hawaiian Islands to the American West and even remote islands in the Caribbean.

Whether your idea of wellness is spa treatments and pilates or fly fishing and quiet nights by the fire, much of the year's travel will be centered around destinations and itineraries that rejuvenate, de-stress, and help us to connect with nature as the times continue to feel unprecedented.

The prioritization of wellness in 2022 travel plans has people interested in "self-improvement and a focus on more meaningful, intentional travel for the new year." Both wellness retreats and destinations that offer unique wellness experiences will be big for 2022.

Travelers will be looking to visit destinations that make them pause and be truly present, offer unforgettable experiences, and connect more with the location they are visiting through a lens of sustainability.

Celebrating Life’s Most Important Moments with Travel

Myself and the whole team at Departure Lounge (my host agency) has seen a rise in requests for honeymoons, big birthday destination trips, and major anniversary vacations. We are also seeing a rise in bucket list trips and nostalgic vacations alike, depending on the type of celebratory experience people are looking for.

After missing out on multiple birthday and anniversary celebrations over the last two years, many are going all out with glamorous getaways, and delayed honeymoons are anticipated to be more luxurious than ever after a season of extended engagements and micro-weddings.

Requests for multi-generational trips have also seen a big increase in requests as grandparents want the whole family to be together again. Because they have not traveled for two years, many have money saved up for these special experiences.

Supporting Local

As many of us have taken greater efforts to support our favorite neighborhood businesses in light of the pandemic, experts predict that will also translate to the way we travel and the kind of experiences we are looking to have away from our hometowns.

"I believe more and more people will continue to look into supporting boutique-style, locally owned businesses when they travel, from hotels to tour operators," says tourism expert Nate Berkson. "The pandemic devastated the tourism industry—many Americans are aware of that and want to do their best to help.”

You're likely to get the most out of your stay by choosing locally owned hotels and inns that offer one-of-a-kind experiences and insights that you wouldn't be able to have at a large chain property.

So whether you are a do it yourself trip planner or use a travel advisor, I wish you the best as you get back out there and start making memories again!

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