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An $11,000 Refund for a Friend Whose Africa Trip Was Canceled by COVID

While I have been to 51 countries and 7 continents, I did not become a luxury travel advisor until November of 2020. (Becoming a travel advisor in the middle of a pandemic makes perfect sense doesn’t it?) A sweet family I know had a big trip to Africa planned on Kenya Airways for January of 2020 and you guessed it, it was cancelled by COVID.

Because they had booked it themselves, they had been on their own trying to get a refund for

months. So far it had just been crickets on the other end with no answers at all from the airline 800 number or website customer service.

When they heard I was now in the business and not your typical, old-school travel agent, they asked if I could help. I took on the challenge and started by going to my brain trust at Departure Lounge, who is my host agency and full of experts in every travel segment. They had worked with Kenya Airways before and knew two people in Nairobi with full contact info.

Starting in March, I would send polite, but persistent emails asking for a refund for my friends. They first offered a credit to re-book, but I kept insisting that the client would like a full refund.

My new friend in Nairobi eventually got on board and worked with the beleaguered refund department on this request. After three months of work, last week an $11,000 refund showed up on their credit card!

While I can’t guarantee this result will happen every time, I can guarantee that I will go to bat for my clients every time. People don’t hire a travel advisor because everything goes perfect every time. They hire a travel advisor because they know problems will eventually come up and want an expert who can fix them.

Allow me to custom design your next vacation according to your travel style and preferences,

knowing I will be with you before, during and after the trip.

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