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Do You Have Unused Flight Credits?

As travel rebounds in a big way, many people are ready to take a vacation this summer and are now thinking about those unused flight credits they have from last year. How long do they last? Will they expire without me knowing? As you might imagine, there is no universal policy for unused credits and each airline has a little bit different spin on it.

Last year when we were in our pajamas and had trips canceled, 2021 seemed like a long way off. Well, now it’s almost halfway gone and if you are hoping to cash in those credits for a flight this year or even in 2022, you should start researching the details now. Here are some steps to take:

Look Up Email Confirmations for Past Air Tickets

Instead of a Google search for "COVID airline credit policies", start by looking up email confirmations of when the flight was originally bought and a separate email confirmation when it was canceled by you or the airline. Inspect those emails closely for policies, terms & conditions and deadlines for using the credits. Also note the full ticket numbers as any phone agent or website will need those to re-book anything else.

Check the Airlines Website for Details

After you have the email confirmations, then go to the airlines website. Most of them now have a specific tab or front page headline regarding unused flight credits. Look at that closely and then compare it to your email confirmations. Some airlines require travel to be done by the expiration date while others ask that you re-book by the expiration date.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Exceptions

If you find out your unused credit has expired, don't give up yet. Remember that the airlines have been humbled by COVID and that sometimes just by asking nicely, you can get an extension. If

you get a no, try calling back another time or try a polite request via social media. Give specific reasons why you were not able to travel by the original deadline. Being politely persistent will always get you more than getting angry.

Get a Travel Professional to Help You

If it all sounds too difficult to wade into, allow me to help you utilize those flight credits and

put together a custom travel experience for your family. I know the ins and outs of how this

works, especially with our local carrier American Airlines. Let me know what type of trip you

want to take I can put those flights to work with a mountain or beach hotel, activities, restaurant recommendations and out of the ordinary “can’t miss” things to see and do.

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