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Europe Opens Up to Vaccinated Americans June 15

The picture across the European Union is full of excitement for the summer travel season.

Countries are beginning to announce the end of travel restrictions and as vaccination rates

rise, people are making travel plans for when borders will be open across the entire bloc,

even if all the details haven’t been ironed out.

The vaccination rollout in Europe is picking up momentum every day. As reported by the

the New York Times, nearly 3 million does were given out across the 27 countries every day

during the first week of May. This means that the EU is on track to vaccinate 70% of its adults

by the end of the summer.

Countries are emerging from lockdown and setting their sights on re-starting the tourist economy and laying out timelines for opening of cafes, bars, hotels and shops. Countries like Iceland and Greece are already opened, but all others will be ready by June 15.

The Digital Green Certificate has now been firmly established as the way for travel to take place across Europe this summer. This will be in the form of a QR code, either carried on a piece of paper, or in a digital application on a phone. These contain the traveler’s name, date of birth, passport number, whether you have been vaccinated or not, the type of vaccine you had, and whether you have already had Covid-19.

And when you return to Europe, you will see all of the changes that hotels and restaurants have been making: hotels have made more rooms connecting for larger families and groups; patios, lawns and poolside decks have been turned into al fresco dining. Plants, skylights and open windows provide more appealing and healthier indoor areas.

There are some more details to work out and questions to answer, but this is really going to

happen. I am getting bulletins and updates every few days and can help you negotiate the new travel landscape in Europe. If you have questions about a specific country you wish to visit this summer, let me know and I would glad to help.

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