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Multi-Generational Ski Trips Make Great Memories

As the weather turns cooler and we still want to safely get out of the house, a multi-generational

ski trip can be fantastic way to make special family memories. There is no better way for grandparents and grandchildren to bond than shared activities such as making smores together at the lodge, taking a sleigh ride together or even skiing downhill together. Yes, there are a lot of details to consider, but let me be your guide to creating lifelong memories. Here are a few tips:

Book One House for Everyone

This can be a cheaper option than multiple condos or hotel rooms, but the real benefit is that it gives you common spaces to hang out for those unscheduled activities that may be what you remember most. Playing cards together, board games, and sitting by the fire before and after the day’s activities will be something everyone enjoys.

The kitchen will give you the ability to cook for breakfast and dinner, providing savings and

flexibility over too many restaurant meals. Make sure the duties are spread out among family members.

Choose a Ski Town with Plenty of Non-Ski Activities

Especially if the grandparents are not skiing, you will want to choose a ski town with more activities than only skiing. Colorado towns like Steamboat Springs and Telluride, or Park City, Utah offer a true town with shopping, restaurants and unique activities that you won’t find at the smaller, more remote resorts.

Steamboat Springs offers sleigh rides for 10 people at a time and hot springs just outside of

town. Telluride is an old mining town with a great main street full of restaurants and shopping,

but just outside of town are fat tire bike tours and dog sledding tours. Park City, Utah offers

the Utah Olympic Park where you can tour the 2002 Winter Olympics Museum and take a ride

on a bobsled! Almost all ski resorts offer tubing and snowmobile tours.

Take a Day Off from Skiing

After a day or two of skiing, most people (including children) will want a break. Refer to the list above or just hang out at your house or cabin with a big fire and a laid-back schedule. Some family members want to go, go, go and others enjoy it more with a relaxed pace. Offering both will make the trip enjoyable for everyone.

Gather Feedback from Family Members

Gathering input from all family members ahead of time will ensure everyone is heard and their interests represented. We all know grandparents need different things than grandkids, but getting those items out on the table during the planning process will ensure greater buy-in from everyone and a more enjoyable trip.

Streamline Logistics

Because some non-ski activities can sell out early, plan out your ski and rest days ahead of time. Making lift ticket reservations ahead of time can save money and hassle. Restaurants will fill up, especially for groups of 6 or more and equipment can be scarce at peak times.

If this all sounds a little too hard, let me take care of all the arrangements – including air, lodging, lift tickets, rentals, restaurant reservations and non-ski activities. The goal is to minimize the fuss and maximize family time and I would be happy to help.

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