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Multi-Generational Summer Trips Done the Safe Way

As the cold weather recedes and the sun comes out more, we start to think about getting out of the house and reuniting with some of those loved ones we haven’t spent much quality time with

this year. Grandkids miss their grandparents, cousins miss each other and friends just want to get out of the house and be together. It’s time for summer vacation, but it needs to be done in a safe way. Here are a few tips:

Get a HOUSE So Everyone Can Stay Together

Rather than trying to get multiple hotel rooms, why not get one big house for everyone? There are more houses and villas on the market than ever before. Vacationing this way will keep you and your family socially distanced from others, plus give you more space to hang out between activities, and let you linger at the table much longer than going to a restaurant.

Get a CHEF to Do the Cooking

The ladies don’t want to cook, they’re on vacation too! Eating out is fun, but post COVID, it can

be stressful and limiting. No matter where you’re staying, I can provide a licensed chef to personalize meals to the needs and tastes of your family. This is another way to maximize your time together while limiting the hassles of eating out with a large group or with people you don’t know.

Choose a LOCATION with Multiple Activities

If you love the beach, think about Florida, Cabo San Lucas or the US Virgin Islands (no testing needed). Or if you are a mountain family, take a look at Telluride CO, Jackson Hole WY or even Asheville NC. Wherever you go, choose a place with multiple activities that will give your family choices during the week.

Gather FEEDBACK from Family Members

Gathering feedback from all loved ones ahead of time will ensure everyone’s needs, and interests are represented. We all know everyone has different needs, but getting those items out on the table during the planning process will ensure greater buy-in from everyone and a more enjoyable trip.

As a luxury travel advisor, I have access to more private home listings and can help you find the perfect place to stay, in the perfect location with your preferred amenities. I offer full-service travel planning and can arrange flights, fun activities and unique experiences. Let me help you safely reconnect and make cherished memories with your family this summer!

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