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My Experience with COVID Testing Before US Bound International Flight

If you’re reading this blog then I bet you are aware of the CDC’s requirement to present a negative COVID test before boarding any flight to the United States. If you are ready to go to Mexico or another country then read on, as it is not as complicated as it sounds.

A few weeks ago I went to Cabo with my son Jackson. While this part was not required,

we got tested before we left town. If on the off chance we were infected, we would not

have gotten on the plane. We got our negative test the night before and we got on the

plane in Dallas Fort Worth just like normal.

When you arrive in Cabo, there is a paper health screening form to fill out asking the normal

questions and you sign it and give it to the screening people as you get off the plane.

When we checked in at the Marriott Solaz Resort, they made us a reservation to get tested

at the resort.

That’s right, we did not even have to leave the resort to get tested! In fact, almost every resort

in Cabo has in-house testing. As you might imagine, the Mexican Tourist Board wants to make

it as easy as possible to get this done and it really is pretty painless. Most resorts do not even

charge for this test.

The one detail you want to pay attention to is that you get your test done within 72 hours of

departure. So if your departure is 3pm on Monday, then you want to get tested after 3pm on

Friday. We made our appointment and then had a few days of beach time, pool time and even

some deep sea fishing.

We got our Antigen rapid test done two days before departure and it was fast and easy. They had set up a temporary lab in an unused office off of the lobby. The people in the “lab” had all the right protective gear on and it was very well organized and done according to the book. The method was the swab up the nose and it was a little uncomfortable, but only lasted a moment.

The results were emailed to us several hours later that same day. When we checked in at the airport, we showed the agent our “negativo” results on our phone and we got on the plane to come home. If you have any questions about COVID testing and traveling, let me know. I would be happy to answer them.

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