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Northwest Florida's 30A Offers a Beach for Every Personality

Southern Living sums it up best: At first, beachgoers landed on Scenic Highway 30A the same way sand settles on the seashore: slowly and without much fanfare. But then a wave began to build and—bam! - all of a sudden, this unassuming stretch of roadway, just 24 miles long, was one of the most popular destinations in the South. Perched on the northwest Gulf Coast of Florida, the beaches along 30A can be accessed with an easy trip over a bay bridge.

These picture-perfect towns are welcome sights for weary travelers, some of whom have been driving for hours amid crumpled potato chip bags, empty sippy cups, and restless children in car seats. A greeting of powdery-white sand, clear cerulean water, and a decidedly sunny disposition kicks off your stay. From there, the salt-whipped streets teeming with flip-flopped bike riders instantly shift you into vacation mode.

These tiny towns fit together like members of a family, each with its own personality. Grayton Beach, the oldest of the bunch, is like that cool uncle who once followed rock and roll bands around the country, selling roadside tacos for gas money. Seaside sticks closer to the straight and narrow, more akin to a khakis-wearing dad. Alys Beach is as chic as that jet-setting aunt who visits during the holidays, freshly tanned from a trip to the Caribbean, while Rosemary Beach is the quiet one who enjoys the simpler things, like reading while sunbathing, responsibly, of course, under a wide-brimmed hat. Wander from one town to the next, and your view of this Southern coast will constantly change. Sure, there’s a little sibling rivalry, but family is family. The beaches of 30A just want to show everybody a good time.

For your stay in 30A, there are some nice hotels in several of the beach towns listed above, but there are even more beach rentals. Amongst the sea of options, I can help you find a rental that fits your budget and personality.

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