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Taking the Stress Out of Family Vacations

Do you remember those things called family vacations? Family members would all go to the

beach or mountains together and come back with special memories. You probably vividly remember trips with your parents or grandparents.

Did you get into the family station wagon and drive to Yellowstone National Park? Perhaps you went to the beach every summer and you can still hear the sound of the waves in your head? Whatever it was, it probably still makes you smile as you remember the good times together.

But along with the good times, we also remember a few meltdowns and mishaps on family vacations. Here are a few reminders of how to avoid quite a few of those difficult moments in an otherwise wonderful trip:

Schedule Down Time Each Day – every family travels at a different speed, but not overdoing it

will help you truly relax and enjoy your trip more. Schedule a morning or afternoon activity, but generally not both on the same day.

Take Turns Picking Activities – letting each family member choose an activity during the week will ensure greater buy in and less complaining. When we know we are getting our turn at some point, we are more accepting of what others want to do.

Get Ahead of Hunger – without planning things to death, try to think about when and where your meals will take place. Looking up at 1 or 2pm and realizing you haven’t had lunch is a tough place to be in each day. Carry snacks with you for the little ones as well as the adults.

Everyone Doesn’t Have to Do the Same Thing – we sometimes assume that everyone will want to “stay at the beach all day long”, but that is just not realistic. Choose hotels where there are lots of activity choices. For instance, pick a hotel where some can stay at the beach all day and others can go into town for shopping. Everyone can meet back up at dinner and share details of their day.

It’s time to get back out there and hopefully this list will make your family vacation even better!

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