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Truly Unique Experiences in Italy

Whether to travel to Europe now is a very personal choice. For those who are comfortable going, there are no crowds, good weather and locals who are so happy to see you!

In the month of August, I planned two different trips to Italy for clients. Besides the special hotels I choose for them, unique experiences make my trips truly memorable. Clients have to make hard choices, but here are some of the special gems they can choose from:

Lemon Orchard & Limoncello Factory Tour

Imagine setting at a table in the middle of a lemon grove and hearing a 3rd generation family member explaining the nuances of lemon farming to you. Then comes lunch, the Limoncello tastings and even a tour through the old farmhouse that is the small-scale factory for this family run operation.

Pizza Making Class in Naples

Learn how to make Neapolitan pizza in the place where pizza was born! It starts with preparation of the dough, then the special recipe sauce and cutting of the mozzarella. Your instructor runs one of the oldest traditional pizzerias in Naples and will share secrets that make their pies shine. At the conclusion, enjoy your authentic creation with a glass of wine amongst your new Italian friends.

Golf at the Oldest Course in Italy

Another client wanted to play golf while in Rome and after some research, I had the perfect

course for him: Acquasanta Golf Club. In 1903 a number of like-minded British expatriates

laid out the first Italian golf course. Set over an enchanting parkland landscape, views of the Via Appia Antica and the ruins of Roman Aquifers, this place seems set in a time warp, yet is only

5 miles from the Colosseum.

Tuscan Winery Tour

Imagine walking through a centuries old vineyard in Tuscany and guided by an expert sommelier who will explain the long history of this family run operation. You will get an in-depth look into the full process of winemaking from grape to glass. After the vineyard tour, retire to the farmhouse for tastings that will show what gives Tuscan wines their distinctive characteristics. Enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner with your new friends.

Private After-Hours Visit to the Sistine Chapel

Each day, almost 30,000 visitors quickly shuffle through the Sistine Chapel and are even pushed out the door sometimes. I can arrange a much more refined experience of this spiritual highlight of Italy. Starting early in the morning, you will get to follow the official clavigero (key keeper) as he unlocks the doors to many of the special rooms, including the Sistine Chapel. You can take in Michelangelo’s masterpiece in complete silence without anyone else. This experience is not cheap, but there is nothing else like it in the world!

I would love to get to know you and learn what would make a memorable Italy experience for you. Contact me today to start dreaming about your version of “La Bella Vita”.

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