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What Travel Memories Are You Most Thankful For?

During this week of Thanksgiving when many of us are not traveling, it is totally safe and completely free to think back on the travel memories that bring us the most joy. Do you fondly remember a special anniversary trip with your spouse? Think back on your favorite family vacation and remember how much fun it was! Travel is the gift that keeps on giving long after you come home. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is one travel memory I am so thankful for:

When my kids Isabella and Jackson were 12 and 10, DeeAnn and I took them to Paris. We went light on the museums and heavy on the activities. There are many things from that trip we still talk about to this day. As many have done, we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower before sunset. After enjoying the views from all directions (and listening to all the languages spoken), we skipped the elevator down and slowly took the stairs all the way down to the bottom and marveled at the detail of this famous structure.

Another favorite activity was a small group bicycle trip through the streets of Paris to see historical buildings and places explained with enthusiasm and humor by a local guide. (I highly recommend Fat Tire Bike Tours because they do not bore you with excessive dates and old stories, but rather give you a framework to enjoy the greatest hits of Paris).

At sidewalk bistros, we ate crepes and had the greatest time just taking in the people watching.

We walked along the Seine River and went to Notre Dame and peered out over the plaza where the cool gargoyles look down on all the people. On an afternoon when the girls stayed back at the hotel, Jackson and I ran across five circular lanes of traffic to get to the Arc de Triumph. We then celebrated our big score by eating French fries from the McDonalds that overlooked the Champs Elysees.

That’s my travel memory, but what about yours? What family vacation do you remember most fondly? What trip with your spouse brings still brings a smile to your face? As you give thanks for travel, share with all of us what travel memories you cherish most!

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